Debbie Dadey’s Mermaid Tales Wahoo-athon! Review, Giveaway, Release Celebration, Poetry Contest! Wahoo!

Today’s post is PACKED full of fun AND PRIZES!

One of my favorite authors whose books were the first independent readers I started reading (Bailey School Kids) has a new book coming out December 15th. It is the 13th book in her Mermaid Tales series. But before I get to that and the SUPER giveaway/poetry contest – I am going to tell you a bit about this awesome author and the 12th book in the Mermaid Tales series.

The one

The only –




“Debbie Dadey used to teach first grade before becoming a school librarian.  She was never a vampire, even though her first book (with Marcia Thornton Jones) was about a vampire teacher and was called Vampires Don’t Wear Polka Dots.  Fast forward a quarter of a century and that book is celebrating twenty-five years in print and Debbie has a new book coming out called The Crook and The Crown.  It is the thirteenth book in The Mermaid Tales series from Simon and Schuster.  Debbie currently lives in Sevierville, Tennessee which is far away from the ocean, but she has heard some rumors of mermaids in the mountains!”

Debbie Dadey is the author and co-author of 162 books, including The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series and Mermaid Tales.    LinkedIn   Twitter   Facebook

Ms. Dadey’s books are perfect for young readers. They are engaging, well-written and have a great message behind the stories. Like I said earlier, her Bailey School Series is one of the first series I read as I became an independent reader. They got my interest and made me want to read more. I see the same quality in her Mermaid Tales series (my little sister Josie LOVES this series).

The 12th book in the series was published in September – here’s what I thought about it –

wishuponWish Upon a Starfish
Series: Mermaid Tales [#12]
Written by Debbie Dadey
Illustrated by Tatevik Avakyan
128 pages – ages 7+
Published by Aladdin on September 1st, 2015

Synopsis from Goodreads-Pearl has always dreamed of being famous: the star-studded stage, the sea flowers, the applause! So when she finds out that her third grade class is performing The Little Human, she just knows she’ll get the leading role. Especially since world-renowned merstar Angelfish Molie is judging the tryouts!

But in a shocking turn of events, Pearl’s best friend, Wanda, gets cast as the little human instead…and Pearl is stuck playing the stinky sea witch. Pearl can’t believe her best friend would steal her dream role from her.

After Pearl tries—and fails—to get Wanda to trade parts, she decides to quit the play. Are Pearl’s dreams of being a sea star doomed? And can she and Wanda patch up their friendship before it goes up in bubbles?

What I Thought- This was a nice book about friendship, and about how good things can come out of things that don’t go exactly as planned. Ms. Dadey has a great writing style that makes you believe that you are actually under the sea with Pearl and the others. I was laughing at the fact that the play was called The Little Human – a play that is a play on The Little Mermaid. 😉 There is other such humor in the book that will delight kids. The illustrations are nice black&white line-type pictures spread throughout the story and add a nice touch to the text.  The reading level makes it perfect for young readers, but I think older kids will enjoy the story also. It is nice that the books are a series because you get to follow characters, but each book can be read independently without being lost. The characters are fun and kids can relate to them (even though they are mermaids/men). Don’t let The Mermaid Tales series fool you – boys will like the series too!

I give this five out of five bookworms!fivebooks


The next book in the series, The Crook and the Crown, is set to release one week from today on December 15th!


To celebrate, I’m hosting a PRIZE PACK giveaway! Check out what one lucky person can win –


You can win a signed hardback copy of the Crook and the Crown, a Mermaid Tales T-Shirt, mermaid jewelry craft kit, mermaid Barbie, and a magical swimming mermaid doll! *Prizes courtesy of Debbie Dadey and my mom 🙂

This would make an AWESOME present for the upcoming holiday season! I know what you are thinking – ERIK HOW DO I ENTER TO WIN THIS AWESOME PRIZE PACK?!?!

Well I’m going to tell you –

Because in book 11 of the Mermaid Tales series, The Polar Bear Express, poetry is featured, all you need to enter is to write a Mermaid Poem in the comments below! You want an extra entry? Share this post on twitter or Facebook or some social media site and tell me you did in the comments (one extra entry per person).


That’s it – write a poem and share. All eligible entries will be added to a hat and I will randomly pick a name out on December 14th ET (contest closes at 4pm December 14th) and the winner will be announced on December 15th – the release date of The Crook and the Crown.

Here is my example:

Mermaid Haiku

by Erik

Exploring mermaid.

The surface is the limit.

Skylark underseas.

Here’s another –

Mystery Mermaid

by Erik

Waves crash on the rocks

swelling currents at the docks

I steal a glimpse of a mermaid lady

oh wait, that’s Debbie Dadey!

Any type of poem works! Have fun and good luck!

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  1. Erik I want to enter. You should let me. I want #13. Here is my poem.

    Mermaids, Mermaids,
    Colorful Mermaids,
    Swim in the sea
    Happy as can be
    I want the book for me

  2. Mermaid, reading on a rock
    I can spy you from my dock.

    Are YOUR books like the ones that WE read?
    And do you mark your page with seaweed?

    If ocean is your floor and roof,
    are your pages waterproof?

    Mermaid, I would like to hear
    of the tales that you hold dear;

    I can’t live out in the sea
    but Mermaid, will you read to me?

  3. Magical. Perfect books for young readers. Like your poems.

  4. LOVE the poetry flying around here. WOW. I’m in. (Er, for a donut.) Okey dokey?

    Mermaids swim all through
    the blue oceans singing songs
    of their mermaid lives

    Debbie, you are one cool writer person. Lovely to discover your books. And any friend of Erik’s is certainly a pal of mine. (Do you like donuts?) 😉

  5. Okay, I thought of a better one. Here goes.

    Mermaids of the sea
    oceanic princesses
    a ballet concert

  6. Are you kidding? Would I like to win? Yes, indeedy! My niece is an out-and-out super mermaid fan and if I win Debbie’s Dadey’s book, well, maybe, oh maybe, I’ll let my niece read it!

    Here is my poem, Erik.


    Mermaids in the ocean, mermaids in the sea
    Can it really true? Can it really be?
    Do mermaids exist? Are they actually real?
    Well, what do you believe? What is it you feel?

    Think of a world with mermaids, picture it in your mind
    Open your heart to possibilities — and guess what you will find?

  7. I have a niece who is four,
    All that is mermaid does she adore.
    I would love to gift her this prize,
    And become number one auntie in her eyes.
    Grandma gives the best gifts,
    Grandpa spoils her rotten,
    But Auntie Stephanie can go for the win,
    With this fabulous package of glitter and fin!!

    (I write YA. And I’m awful at poetry. But this looks like a fantastic book!!) Thank you for the opportunity to win!!:)

  8. What a fun contest, Erik! I know my grandkids would love this. Between moving and a wedding, I can’t even think of a poem right now. But I’m going to share this on Facebook and Twitter and Google. 🙂 If the muse strikes, I’ll be back. Hmmm. Mermaid muse…

    Mermaid muse please swish
    your magic tail, casting spells
    of fanciful tales.

    It’s awful, but there it is. HaHa!

  9. #1
    There once was a girl from the water
    Who sometimes appeared like an otter
    With the tail of a fish, splashing down with a splish…
    Good thing fishermen never caught her!

    There once was a girl from the ocean
    Who drank a mysterious potion
    Traded flipper for pegs, spindly human legs
    ’til she could prove true love’s devotion.

    There once was a beautiful mermaid
    Who longed to be amongst the manmade
    She took to the shore, her fish tail no more,
    and fell in love – so there she stayed!

    There once was an undersea creature
    Whose one unique defining feature
    Was her flashy green tail, covered in mirrored scales
    That frighted the sharks who might eat her.

    Okay, I’m out! Fun contest, Erik 🙂

  10. Looks like a fun series! I’ll have to check out the Bailey School series as well!!!

    Hmmm, needs more editing, but here’s what I’ve got for now!! Too dark???

    Mermaids swim the ocean deep
    Luring pirates from their sleep
    Over the bow, into the foam
    Can’t follow mermaids where they roam…

    Mermaids splash and mermaids play
    Fun in the sun, day after day
    They won’t harm you, they are sweet
    As long as your not a pirate cheat…

  11. I loved this blog post, Erik! (Even Tweeted it on KidLit411) You are so good at haiku, it would take me a day to come up with something as great as yours! Thanks for the book recommendation! I’ll be sure to tell my 9 year old!

  12. I, too, love the play being about The Little Human. And the friendship theme, the disappointment, feeling betrayed. I’m impressed by Debbie Dadey’s work. Congrats on your new book, Debbie.

    Wonderful review, Erik, and what a fantastic giveaway. I haven’t written a poem in ages, but let me see if I can come up with something, Hmmm…

    Little Mermaid dreaming big
    Her heart’s desire on a gig
    Best friend stole the mermaid’s wishy
    Now their friendship’s smelling fishy!

    How’s that? Yes, very silly.
    I have four granddaughters, and the oldest is five. She loves mermaids! I know she’d love these books, as will the other grands as they get older.

  13. I am up to my ears in the Holiday Contest, Erik, so please forgive the awfulness of the following hastily composed limerick, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to join in on the fun! 🙂

    There once was a mermaid named Anna
    Who desired to play the piana
    But the salt water seas
    Warped the ivory keys
    So instead she just sang sweet soprana 🙂

  14. OK…mine is pretty much off the cuff ( and not as cute as Susanna’s), but here goes!

    There once was a mermaid named Millie
    Who swam all around willy-nilly
    She splashed and she splished
    And often she wished
    That the ocean was not quite so chilly!

  15. Hannah would love these!

  16. What fun, Erik! I just had to join in:

    Mermaids One to Ten

    One mermaid rode on a seahorse mare
    Two mermaids sat and combed their hair
    Three mermaids searched the sand for shells
    Four mermaids sang sweet Jingle Bells
    Five mermaids mixed a briny brew,
    Six mermaids stirred a seafood stew
    Seven mermaids dressed in seaweed and lace
    Eight mermaids swam in a midnight race
    Nine mermaids played with turtles and fish
    Ten mermaids ate from an abalone dish.

    Debbie Dadey’s Mermaid books look great! I’m sure my granddaughter would love them.

  17. Swimming in the seas
    Wearing pearl beads
    I wonder if a fisherman will mistake me
    For prey to catch in his net
    Why?! when I fled the lands
    For the ocean, but most do not see beyond the glittering sands

  18. Mermaids sing in great delight
    Global warming ending in sight
    Ocean waters begin to cool
    Whales return to rule.

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