Audiobook Review! Island of Fog by Keith Robinson, narrated by Fred Wolinsky

islandfogIsland of Fog

Series: Island of Fog [#1]

Written by Keith Robinson

Narrated by Fred Wolinsky

Time: 9 hours, 48 minutes – ages 9+

Book Published by Unearthly Tales on July 27th, 2009

Synopsis from the Publisher-A lonely, foggy island is home to eight families. Twelve-year-old Hal and his friends have always wondered what happened all those years ago on the mainland, that unseen place Out There beyond the fog, and after an astonishing discovery in the woods the children are more determined than ever to find out what their parents are hiding.

But their lives are turned upside down when Abigail reveals her closely guarded secret. According to her the children are slowly changing into monsters! Are they freaks of nature or subjects of a sinister experiment?

What I Thought- This was a great story. Mr. Robinson creates realistic characters (well, besides the whole changing-into-monsters thing)  with distinct personalities that make sense. There are a lot of characters in the story, but each serve a purpose and none felt like they were “filler.” THe story is told from the perspective of Hal, one of the children. I like this point of view because the reader gets to discover the island’s secrets along with Hal. The book is kind of post-apocalyptic, as in a virus killed off most the population in the world, and drove the rest insane. Strangely enough, it is all believable. Even the part about another dimension-thingy. The setting adds to the mystery of the story and I like how bits of the plot are revealed slowly at first and then the last part of the book is jammed packed excitement. Mr. Robinson explains things well, and keeps you hooked. Now, onto Mr. Wolinsky’s performance. If I didn’t know that this was one person, I might have believed that it was (at least) two people. The number of distinct voices Mr. Wolinsky is able to pull off is astonishing. That is talent. I found that the audio book took a lot longer to listen to than it would have taken me to read (I am a pretty fast reader). I think I like that though. It forced me to slow down and kind of added more suspense to the story for me. Plus it became a family activity. Once I started listening to it, my parents and sister would sit down next to me as it was playing. We don’t listen to many audio-books, but maybe we will now. An all-around great audio-book!

I give this five out of five bookworms.fivebooks

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  1. Interesting story. I like the family listening to the book together. Must be good to hook all of you. 🙂


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