My First Scholastic News Kids Press Corps Story is Out! @KidsPress

Hello blogosphere! This has nothing to do with books, but it does have something to do with writing!

Click on THIS link to go over to the Scholastic Kid Reporters’ Notebook to read my first Scholastic News Kid Press Corps article!

Here’s the blurb – “Scientists and officials work together to improve a freshwater lake in Pennsylvania.”

While you are there, check out all the awesome news articles written for kids, by kids!


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  1. Thanks Erik. I just learned something new. Very well done.

  2. Congrats, Erik! Terrific article.

  3. Huge Congratulations on your article! Very thorough.

  4. That’s so cool, Erik! I have a question, though–when they drained the lake, did they attempt to do something with that water or did they just drain it onto the ground?

  5. Faboo article!!!

  6. Well done my writer friend. Excellent article!

  7. Nice, Erik. Very nice. Well-written.

  8. Congratulations, E. Mom read your article and liked it a lot. In NY, they dropped old subway cars into a body of water somewhere to be used as a structure for the fish. Once I ate some tuna fish….

    Love and licks,

  9. Great article Erik. Well done πŸ™‚

  10. Beautifully done, Erik! Very informative and easy to read. You ask all the right questions.

  11. Very cool! Many congrats!

  12. Well done, Erik. Such an important topic, and you made it comprehensible and compelling!

  13. I enjoyed your well-written article!

  14. Great article Erik – WELL DONE πŸ˜€

  15. Congrats on your article Erik. Go you!

  16. Fantastic story, Erik! And congrats on the high profile writing gig!

  17. Yay, Erik! Congratulations!

  18. Well done, Erik! I enjoyed reading some of the other interesting articles, too. πŸ˜€

  19. What a professional and interesting article, Erik. Way to go!

  20. This is so wonderfully written. Congratulations on this, Erik!

  21. What??? How did I miss this? (700 emails in Inbox? Probably!) Erik, I’m so excited and impressed. But not surprised! Great article!

  22. I finally found the article, and I found the post that announced the article. I am so proud of you donutty buddy. (Of course, that is a given.) Right? I learned some things too. I’m so glad hey were able to make the repairs and improve the fishies way of life. I think other states can learn from this. And may I say CONGRATULATIONS?! Oops, I did have a box of donuts, but there was an article to enjoy and well you know. πŸ™‚ xoxo

  23. Great reporting , enjoyed your article about the elections.

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