Choose Your Own Adventure Blog hop! Tony the Phony and the Northern Woods by Kid Author T. Man

Hi everyone! Today, I have a treat for you! I get to share an interview with a kid who wrote his own Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story!

T. Man, the author, wrote a first book, along with his brother (M. Man), and mother – author Michelle Isenhoff. The first book, Tony the Phony and Cursed Mansion, was a success.

The next book is “Tony the Phony and the Northern Woods”. T. Man went solo (but has a little help from his mom). You can follow along with this read along adventure by clicking over to the Story Boys Blog – click HERE!

Tony the Phony and the Northern WoodsTony the Phony and the Northern Woods

Series: Tony the Phony #2

Written by T. Man with Michelle Isenhoff

21 pages – ages 7+

Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on January 13th, 2016

Synopsis- Tony the Phony is back in another adventure! Tony and Ed are going to Tony’s grandpa’s house for a weekend fishing trip. Only, that Tony’s mom doesn’t know that they are flying in a plane to Canada to get there, when Tony is [supposedly] at Ed’s house. What will happen next? You decide!

What I Thought- This was a fun Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. It is perfect for reluctant readers, as it is a short story that is fun and interactive. I enjoyed reading the variations of what happened to Tony and his friend, Ed, and the fact that they incorporated some fantasy, and a lot of adventure. Kids will love this book. T. Man did this mostly by himself (with help on the sidelines by his author-mom) and there is a quality to the work which makes it an enjoyable experience! I love to read works by kid authors! Keep on writing!


Now, onto a special interview with T. Man himself!

Erik- What do you like the most about writing Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories?

T. Man- I like to have a whole bunch of endings, so some of them can be funny and some of them not. I like to write something for everyone.

Erik- That is always a good idea, T. Man. What is your favorite ending to the story?

T. Man- The one with the police car, because I know that’s exactly what my mom would do if I left in a plane.

Erik- It’s good to know that you can imagine what would realistically happen if the story took place. When are you planning a new Tony the Phony book?

T. Man- I don’t know. Maybe in a year or two. I’d like to do the next one with my brother because it’s a lot easier with two people thinking up the story.

Erik- I see what you mean. You did a good job on your own, too. If you had a choice, would you choose to travel by plane (like Tony did)?

T. Man- I’ve never traveled by plane before, but I probably would since it’s very rare that they crash. My grandpa is a pilot, and he said he’s been up so high he’s seen all of Michigan like a big mitten. I think that would be cool. 

Erik- That’s cool that your grandpa is a pilot. I bet it would be amazing to see the entire state. You get to choose the ending of your day today – what would it be?

T. Man- I already have a snow day. I’d also like to have my new air soft gun delivered today. So I can join the neighborhood air soft wars.

Erik- Thank you very much for letting me talk with you, T. Man!

Thanks for stopping by! No go check out the hop! 😀

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  1. T. Man, Sounds like a wonderful adventure book. I look forward to reading it. Great interview!

  2. Hey, there fellow donut eating buddy. Kiss the family for me. I missed your Scholastic post. I must scour the blog for it. And what an excellent interview. What a great adventure. T. Man you are a COOL kid. Say hello to your mom. *waves to Michelle*

    Here are some donuts for you guys. OOPS. *ahem* I believe I munched on them while reading the post. *brushes crumbs off keyboard*

  3. What an amazing story T. Man! I love alternative endings in books and movies. It’s great that you love writing so much and have learned the publishing business. Great interview!

  4. Creative kids rock! Way to go T. Man and Erik!

  5. Erik, thanks so much for helping make this a special event for T. Man. He had a riot reading comments and watching the page views on his blog go up. It was a very positive way to wrap up a considerable writing project. And thanks ot all his readers!

  6. Hi Erik, Hi Tony! Thanks a lot for sharing about your new book and adventure. I am going over there next. I love blog hops and it is a great marketing tool.

    Erik had me over for my picture book, Edmund Pickle Chin and I really appreciated it. Like you I had a ball opening comments and seeing what everyone had to say. :I even got some reviews out of it. 🙂

  7. Wow, those are some stories. So much action and dialogue. And those creatures, Ugh!


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