Review! The Almost Terrible Playdate by Richard Torrey

almostterribleThe Almost Terrible Playdate

By Richard Torrey

40 pages – ages 3+

Will be Published by Doubleday Books for Young Readers on February 16, 2016


Synopsis- Two kids are having a playdate. But what happens when what each thinks they should be playing is VERY different from the other. Can these not-so-similar kids have a nice playdate or will it end on a terrible note?

What I Thought- I loved the story. The dialogue between the two characters are funny, and extremely realistic – Mr. Torrey really captures the sense of two very different kids playing together. The illustrations are unique as most of the page is taken up by a thought bubble, and the image inside the bubble looks as if it were drawn by a little kid – reflecting the imagination of a child. I also like the book because it is all conversation – there is no narration. The kids tell the story just by talking to each other. The story isn’t about differences but rather compromise and seeing anothers’ point of view. In the end there is a nice resolution to their differences and the playdate turns out to be not so terrible. :)This is a nice book for pre-schools or kids learning how to play with each other.

I give this five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Sounds like a great story to share with my kids’ librarian! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Two of my tiny human friends came over for a play date last week. They though we should play fetch and IQ puzzles. I though we should play I-will-lick-your-face-till-it’s-dripping-with-dog-spit. Mom helped us compromise by putting my leash on me. Maybe I should read this book….

    Love and licks,

  3. Love the illustrations. They say so much while saying very little. Nice choice, Erik.

  4. The illustrations look awesome with the cover giving the reader more of an inkling of what to expect. Nice review, Erik!

  5. We are all different and the sooner children learn the better. This sounds like a book to illustrate that.

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