Review! The Rampart Guards by Wendy Terrien

I am part of a virtual book tour today and I am very excited to tell you about this book because this is one that the story really stuck with me.

THE RAMPART GUARDS will be published this Friday, February 26th!


Here is the publisher’s summary – After his mom disappears, Jason Lex and his family move to a small town where he has no friends, no fun, no life. Things get worse when he’s chased  by weird flying creatures that only he can see—Jason thinks he’s losing it. But when Jason discovers new information about his family, he’s stunned  to learn that creatures like Skyfish, Kappa, and the Mongolian Death Worm aren’t just stories on the Internet—they’re real and they live unseen  longside the human race. Many of these creatures naturally emit energy capable of incinerating humans. An invisible shield keeps these creatures  hidden and protects the human race from their threatening force, but someone, or some thing , is trying to destroy it. Unsure who he can trust, Jason  is drawn into the fight to save the people closest to him, and he finds help in surprising places. Confronted with loss, uncertainty, and a devastating betrayal, Jason must make a gut-wrenching decision: Who lives, and who dies.

The series is a planned trilogy, but Ms. Terrien has an interesting concept for the next book:

The series will continue with three more books. Terrien plans to simultaneously release book two in two parts – telling different stories, but told concurrently – and will conclude the trilogy with the final chapter told from the point of view of two of her main characters.



Wendy Terrien

Wendy Terrien has been writing stories since she was in grade school. Her debut novel The Rampart Guards (February 26, 2016) is the first in her   intriguing urban fantasy series. Inspired by an episode of B ones that suspected a killer to be a fabled chupacabra, Wendy was fascinated and dove into  research about cryptozoology – the study of animals that may or may not exist, or cryptids. Pouring over stories, videos and photographs of  creatures others had seen all over the world, Wendy developed her own story to share with middle grade, young adult and grown-up readers.

Wendy lives in Colorado with her husband Kevin and their three dogs: Maggie, Shea and Boon. All three of her dogs are rescues and Wendy is  passionate about promoting shelter adoptions. If you’re ever in Colorado, you may even be able to spot her by her “Adopt a Shelter Pet” license plates.




RampartGuards_CVR_MEDThe Rampart Guards
By Wendy Terrien
268 pages – ages 12+
Published by Camashea Press on February 26, 2016

Synopsis- Jason’s life has taken a turn for the worse – his mom disappeared. They sold their house and moved to a small town where everyone knows everything and everyone. The town’s crazy guy just so happens to be his uncle that he never knew existed. And there are these things that only Jason can see. But what if the things, the cryptids, are only on the edge of our reality? And what if they were at the point of breaking through the invisible barrier? And what if that would kill every human?

What I Thought- I absolutely loved this book! Ms. Terrien has written a book that rivets you to your seat – I read this book in about 2 hours, not that it was short or an easy read but it was that good! The plot just hooks you right in. Jason’s mother is missing, presumably dead. He moves. He’s seeing things. He’s got a loony uncle. Life’s bad on him. But throw in the fact that his mother may not be dead… and you understand why Jason is unsure of what to do. Jason’s character is one I identified with immediately. I love stories with great characters. The fact that there are “real-life” cryptids used throughout the book is fun. The book is being marketed for middle grade and young adult, I’d say it leans more towards early YA than middle grade. The story is pretty dark and intense for middle grade and there is a fair amount of language (nothing bad, but h***, s***, a**, and d***, with allusions to f***). Terrien’s writing skills shine through as she skates between the two worlds she created in the novel. The fantastic possibility of alternate realities comes to life in this exciting adventurous paranormal roller-coaster of a story! Sign me up for book two!

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Sounds very intriguing. Will have to check this out. Thank you for the review.

  2. This does sound like a book you’d find thrilling! It is full of so much action and intrigue! Great review!

  3. Wow. This sounds so exciting. I love the cover!

  4. This sounds like one I’d like, Erik! Oh, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to read. What did I do with that tbr list…? 😉

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