Perfect Picture Book Friday! President Squid by Aaron Reynolds

Susanna Leonard Hill has a feature on her blog called Perfect Picture Book Friday. It is a list of “perfect” picture books recommended by all sorts of people. I chose this book because it is a funny way of learning about what makes a good president.

pressquidPresident Squid
Written by Aaron Reynolds
Illustrated by Sara Varon
44 pages – ages 5+

Published by Chronicle Books on March 1, 2016

Theme- Presidents

Genre- Fiction

Opening and Synopsis- Opening Lines:

Something that changes everything!
No giant squid has been president before!

Which means I will be the first.
President Squid!
Now that has a nice ring to it.

Synopsis from Amazon: “Join Aaron Reynolds and Sara Varon as they explore the ideal qualities of leaders, diplomats…and giant squid. Squid knows all about being president. It means living in a big house, doing all the talking—oh, and having a tie is crucial. He’s all set! In the next election, make a more informed choice. Vote for President Squid!”

What I Thought- I really enjoyed this book and it is appropriate for this time of year. Squid is a hilarious character, even though he is actually an octopus (I don’t think anyone else will realize that… – I mean just look at him – not a squid! 😉 ). Mr. Reynolds has written a funny story, and kids will love to see what things Squid thinks are what make up a good president – which is often terribly wrong and off-the-point. Mr. Reynolds writing style pairs perfectly with the zaniness of Sara Varon’s illustrations. The book opens up discussions of what really makes a good president and not what you may perceive makes a good president. Even the ending when Squid decided he wants to be king instead of president opens up a discussion of what kings really do – not just wearing a crown! It’d be a great read for home and school for this political season.

Activities and Resources- Talk about what really makes a good president. What the president’s jobs are. Make a list of why it would be good to be president and why it would be hard to be president. 

There are tons of resources and activities out there on the presidential election. My favorite thing to do in school was the mock election!

HERE is a fun activity to make your own campaign button. After reading President Squid kids can make a button with what they think makes a good president on it.

To find more Perfect Picture Books please visit Susanna Hill’s blog HERE!

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  1. Perfect timing with all the presidential debates underway. It is such a good way for parents to talk with kids about the qualities of those running for president and the responsibilities he/she will assume. What they see every day on the TV isn’t helpful! And kids will have questions.

  2. You had me with the title.

    But why would an octopus deny his heritage?

  3. Time to get myself over to the library if this is there! Big fan of both creators!

  4. I love this book! Heeee-larious! Am a big fan of both Aaron and Sara. 🙂

  5. I’m pretty sure a doggie has never been president before either. President Cupcake…. It has a nice ring to it. Don’t you think….?

    Love and licks,

  6. Very timely, Erik. I’m thinking we could have every animal in the entire aquarium or zoo run for president. Wouldn’t that be hilarious!

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