Review! National Geographic Kids: George Washington Carver by Kitson Jazynka

carverNational Geographic Kids: George Washington Carver

By Kitson Jazynka

32 pages – ages 4+

Published by National Geographic Children’s Books on January 12, 2016

Synopsis- George Washington Carver is a very important person in the world of agriculture. He helped farmers grow crops that would replenish their unhealthy soil. He was determined to help people in need. Including quotes and pictures, this is a biography about the man who changed agriculture.

What I Thought- This was a nice beginner-level biography about the work of George Washington Carver and how he contributed to society. It explains that he was born a slave, and eventually was the first black student at Iowa State University. This gives testimony to his strong willpower and motivation. It explained how he helped farmers grow better crops. I like how the author made a point of how Mr. Carver helped people for the good of all, and included pictures and quotes from him. This was a really well-organized biography for younger children. The format and colorful presentation made it even more enjoyable. I would like to see more from this biography series!

I give this five out of five bookworms.fivebooks

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  1. You know I’m a GWC fan! Need to read – thanks!

  2. I love books that are interesting and educational. This one fits the bill nicely!

  3. I like how you review a wide variety of books, Erik. Thanks!

  4. National Geographic does biographies now? That’s awesome!

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