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Sir Princess Petra’s Mission
Series: The Pen Pieyu Adventures #3 (See my reviews of  #1 and #2)
By Diane Mae Robinson
106 pages – ages 7+
Published by Tate Publishing on January 12, 2016

Synopsis- Our favorite female knight, Sir Princess Petra is back on another mission! Her father, King Longstride, is determined to make Petra fail at a mission so she will not be a Princess Knight anymore, and just a Princess. This time, Petra has only two days to venture into the unexplored land of the of the Boogy Gobees, and capture the first car-panther she finds. If she does not find one in two days’ time, her knighthood will be relinquished!

What I Thought- I really enjoy this series! Ms. Robinson recaps the previous two books with a small chapter to sum up each book. Petra is a great main character who children can learn positive traits from – her parents the King and Queen want her to be a girly princess, but she wants to be a knight. In fact, through hard work and determination, she became a knight in Book 1. Yet her parent’s won’t except her for who she is, and Petra keeps persevering to be the best knight that she can be. Petra is also kind and willing to talk through problems. Ms. Robinson has black and white pictures put around the book, and they add a good amount to the book. I like the silliness of the world that Pen Pieyu resides in. This is a really nice book. It is a short story, good for reading on a rainy day. It’s a perfect balance of adventure and great message. Boys and girls will both love the book.

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Glad to see there is another in this series!

  2. Thank you, Erik, for your kind words and great review. We here in Pen Pieyu greatly appreciate it. And thank you for participating in the blog tour. 🙂

  3. Nice to hear she’s not a “girly” princess and doesn’t want to be. And also that both boys and girls would enjoy this.

  4. I love stories that allow children to be what ever they want to be! Both genders would enjoy this story!

  5. I second what Pat said. Great review, Erik!

  6. We really like this series, too. Diane has done a good job creating memorable characters. Nice review, Erik! 😀

  7. Nice review, Erik. Sorry I am late commenting – health took a temporary dive. I love your review. You picked up on all the wonderful themes in this series. I think this is also a good series for reluctant readers–like tired reviewers. Wouldn’t you agree, or do you never get tired? (Youth, somewhere there must be a Fountain of Youth-I refuse not to believe. (never mind, a little unneeded tangent).) (I understand you like parentheses?) 😆

    • I hope that you are feeling better (It’s never fun being sick!). I think you are right about the reluctant/tired readers. (yes – I do get tired. I am human too! 😉 (I’ve also found that after finishing a book, I can’t read for a small amount of time.).) And, yes you are right. I do like parentheses (just a little bit.). They capture the way I speak. 🙂


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