How to Catch an Invisible Cat by Paul Tobin – Blog Tour, Review, and Random Thoughts


I have the pleasure of being a part of a book blog tour today!


How to Capture an Invisible Cat


By Paul Tobin

Illustrated by Thierry Lafontaine

The blog tour Part –

Eisner Award-winner Paul Tobin brings a middle grade debut that will have readers in stitches as they race through this rip-roaring adventure. From catching a toad with chopsticks to managing a particularly chatty talking dog, How to Capture an Invisible Cat shows how two very different friends can put their heads together to solve any problem, no matter how unbelievable.

In order to keep life interesting, 6th grade genius Nate Bannister likes to test his not-so-genius ideas. This time, he super-sized his cat Proton before turning him invisible. As Nate and his new (well, only) friend Delphine race to stop Proton from crushing everyone and everything in town, they also must battle the nefarious Red Death Tea Society. An international criminal organization that brews lethal, but excellent, tea, the Red Death Tea Society wants to force Nate to join their ranks—or get rid of him all together. Facing a 13% probability of meeting an unfortunate end, can Nate and Delphine use their mind-blowing gadgets and unproven but theoretically sound strategies to survive the day?

Tobin’s hilarious debut features black and white illustrations from film talent Thierry Lafontaine. In the vein of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, this first book in an illustrated series is a madcap adventure full of heart.

Who is this Paul Tobin????


Paul Tobin lives in Portland, Oregon, and is the Eisner-award-winning author of a multitude of comics for such publishers as Marvel, Dark Horse, DC Comics, Top Shelf, Fantagraphics, as well as the novel Prepare to Die!, which earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly. Most recently, Paul and his wife, artist Colleen Coover, won the Eisner Award for their ongoing series Bandette, which also placed on YALSA’s 2014 “Best Graphic Novels for Teens” list. Visit him online at
About the Illustrator:

Thierry Lafontaine is a character designer and illustrator for film and publishing. He is also the instructor for the Imaginism Studios In-House Workshop atelier program. Thierry lives, works, and teaches in Toronto.

Now on to my Review!!!

invisiblecatHow to Catch an Invisible Cat

Series: The Genius Factor #1

Written by Paul Tobin

Illustrated by Thierry Lafontaine

272 pages – ages 9+

Published by Bloomsbury USA Childrens on March 1, 2016

Synopsis- Nate Bannister was a genius. That was without a doubt. But for someone so smart, he did something really dumb – he enlarged his cat and turned it invisible. And made it odorless. And sound-dampening. And he hid the formula to solve it on several people around town (don’t worry, they’re microscopic). But don’t worry – Nate could handle that, because it’s Friday the Thirteenth, and that’s when he does three stupid things. But when a clandestine organization bent on ruling the world starts interfering with the variables, Nate needs help. In fact, it looks like Nate needs the help of a friend.

What I Thought- This was a really great book! At first, I wasn’t drawn in by the title, but I was hooked from the first page. Mr. Tobin’s skillful writing grabs hold of the reader from the start -clearly laying out a fantastic premise for his story. Nate is a pretty realistic character. Although he is a genius, he can also be downright clueless, and you instantly think you know people like this! I do like that he isn’t homeschooled though – for some reason, I expect that all genius kids in books are either homeschooled or have already obtained doctorates. I think that ass another touch of uniqueness about the character.  There are cool black and white drawings throughout the book that help bring the characters to life. The character that befriends Nate, Delphine, is the perfect balance to his character. I though the duo fit together perfectly and the conversation between the two was highly enjoyable. The story is wacky (in a good way), and mixed with a bit of sentiment and a cup of adventure and invention, it make a recipe for a great story. I hope that there are more books to come!

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

On to My Random Though!!!

Nate has a lot of cool inventions in the book. He has a smart car (literally!), a robot seagull, a friend ray, a rocket belt, and a talking dog (That’s pretty awesome). So, I was wondering what I’d like to see Nate invent. Honestly, it was a tie between an upside-down-and-around ray gun and a food transmorphographer. The ray gun is a defensive beam that reverts gravity over target, flips them over, and spins them around.Think about it, it could come in pretty handy – say if an angry sheep is attacking you…


I think I’d go for the food transmorphographer. It changes the taste of what you’re eating without changing the beneficial components (For example, Brussels sprouts would taste like apple pie, but still have the same “health” benefits.). Think about it, Aunt Ruth makes her “special stew” again for the family reunion. You pull your transmorphographer out and BAM – you are munching on pizza from your favorite pizza parlor.


What do you think – which one would you vote for?


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9 replies

  1. A food transmorphographer would be so cool and kids would always eat healthy!!

  2. I would prefer a plate of roasted Brussels sprouts over a slice of apple pie, but if I had to eat pizza for the rest of my life I wouldn’t cry! Sounds like a fun book!

  3. What a very unusual book. I love it!

  4. I love your description of the upside-down-and-around ray gun. You could just as easily sad it flips you over. No, you said it’s a “beam that reverts gravity over target, flips them over, and spins them around.” I love your description. With your food taste changer, are you saying I could eat brussel sprouts (yuck!), spinach (eew!), or Aunt Dedra’s “famous” kidney pie (not even the dog will it this) and each one could taste like my favorites (Bomb Pops, tacos, and spice cake)? Erik, you are a genius. Go on Shark Tank and get it made. 🙂

    How to Catch an Invisible Cat sounds like fun. I think I would love this. Nice review, Erik.


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