Review! Just Like Me by Nancy Cavanaugh

justlikemeJust Like Me

By Nancy Cavanaugh

256 pages – ages 8+

Will be published by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky on April 5, 2016

Synopsis- Julia is not a happy camper. Or, she will be. Her mom is making her go to a week-long summer camp with her two “Chinese sisters” – two girls also adopted from the same orphanage in China – who absolutely adore everything Chinese while Julia doesn’t. It doesn’t help that the adoption agency’s agent is writing an article about how the three of them are bonding. And Julia doesn’t want a single part of it.

What I Thought- I was not expecting to like this book. In fact, I kind of went into reading it with a sour attitude – I was craving a good action/adventure. What I found was a skillfully crafted, meaningful story that captured my interest from the start. To me, that really shows what a good book this was. I really got into the story, and felt connected to the characters. There was a lot of drama, which could get annoying (especially for a boy), but it helped build the story. The story is about getting along with others, getting to know yourself, and ultimately accepting yourself. The characters have their ups and downs with each other, creating a nice challenge for the kids to overcome. The book is very character-driven, and tells two stories – one of Julia learning to get along with the other girls, and another told through letters to her adoption agent, about her internal conflict. I like the fact that the book points out that even though they are adopted, they are still their parents’ children. This is a very good story and speaks to Ms. Cavanaugh’s ability to capture a middle grade audience.

I give this book five out of five bookworms.fivebooks


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  1. I appreciate your insights and will repost to my adoption community followers!

  2. If it could really draw you in even though you were craving an action/adventure, that says a lot. Thanks for sharing this review ūüôā

  3. Another good character driven middle grade book. A fab review!!

  4. I love character-driven books. This is an important book because it shows the differences in how a child deals with being adopted.

    Both my children are adopted. You never know how it will impact them because they deal with abandonment issues. Each of my children handled it differently. Our son from India, has done extremely well. He was an older child with more complex issues from the start, but his personality I think helped shaped how he handled things. Today he’s 43 and doing extremely well.

  5. Love this honest and compelling review, Erik.

  6. Another intriguing review and (sigh) yet another title to add to my To Read List.

    My list is getting a bit too long, Erik. Can you pan books for the next few weeks until I catch up?

  7. What Mike said. ūüėÄ

  8. Thanks — added this to my to-read list!

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