Review! Chase Tinker and the House of Mist by Malia Ann Haberman

chasetinker4Chase Tinker and the House of Mist

Series: Chase Tinker Series #4 (see my review of #1, #2, and #3)

By Malia Ann Haberman

248 pages – ages 9+

Published by Crossroad Press on December 12, 2015

Synopsis- Chase Tinker is back! Sadly, the Tinker House is still in the hands of the evil family the Marlowes. Chase needs to figure out how to master his magic. With his grandfather no longer with them, Chase must take up leading the family. But how is a teenager supposed to lead a ragtag group of magic users against an incredibly powerful family?

What I Thought- This was a great conclusion the the Chase Tinker series. I enjoyed it immensely. Chase grows as a character in this book, having little blips, but still growing more than ever. The book is a bit on the darker side, with several character deaths, but Ms. Haberman keeps her intended audience in mind and skillfully writes a compelling story for kids. The story has a completely bleak feel, while building tension for the huge climax at the end. There is a lot that goes on in the story, bringing loose ends together in a satisfying manner. I really enjoyed the book!

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Sounds like a great series. Will add it to my list. Wonderful review, Erik!

  2. You’ll enjoy the whole series Erik – I know I did 😀

  3. Dark and edging, but satisfying. Sounds like a cool read.

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