Review and Blog Tour! The Ugly Dumpling by Stephanie Campisi

Today I am part of a blog tour about this super fun fractured fairytale – THE UGLY DUMPLING! Mark your calendars, this book will be published April 7, 2016!dumplingtour.04

MMP-5871_UgDu_COV_MKThe Ugly Dumpling
Written by Stephanie Campisi
Illustrated by Shahar Kober
32 pages – ages 5+
Will be published by Mighty Media Kids on April 7, 2016

Synopsis- An ugly dumpling is upset. It doesn’t look like any of the other dumplings, and it is ignored. But one day, a kindly cockroach stops by and shows shows the Ugly Dumpling the world. And what does the ugly dumpling see? A lot of ugly dumplings! In fact, they aren’t even dumplings! He realizes he is a beautiful steamed bun – just like all the other beautiful steamed bun! The ugly dumpling is overjoyed, but when the other steamed buns see the cockroach they are HORRIFIED! Soon the Ugly Dumpling realizes he is really not like the other steamed buns and that is a good thing.

What I Thought- This is a wonderful book about being different and embracing that. The ugly dumpling is upset that it is different. Once he finds others like him, he realizes they are not truly like him. The book also has a beautiful message of friendship between the ugly dumpling and the cockroach. The Ugly Dumpling gives back to the cockroach, what she gave to him – a feeling of self-worth. The illustrations give you that nice warm feeling, with a good amount of cuteness and bright colors tossed in.



It is a fun story (especially as a fractured fairytale) about how it doesn’t matter what you look like. I believe that kids will really like the book, and that it would make a nice bedtime story.

I give this five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Sounds like a valuable read; I just pre-ordered my copy!

  2. Great story on diversity. And, I love that it is a fractured fairy tale.

  3. This looks like great fun! TY for sharing it.

  4. Now that’s a title I wish I’d thought of!

  5. I think the dumpling is cute, too!

  6. Hilarious! Love this twisted fairy tale! Thanks for highlighting it, Erik!

  7. Nice review. You go on point, shot, and score!

  8. Sad.. I guess we just cannot stop stereotyping different cultures…No matter how well meaning people can be we just can’t stop demeaning them. Maybe we could do a book on the Cockroach and the Ugly watermelon, or La Cucharacha and the Ugly taco, or better yet
    lets feed this to our young kids and let them get into the culture we are so equitably sharing. What really scares me is all of the previous comments which glorifies this mentality. SAD

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