Audiobook Review! Labyrinth of Fire by Keith Robinson, narrated by Fred Wolinsky

islandfog2Labyrinth of Fire

Series: Island of Fog #2 (see #1)

Written by Keith Robinson

Narrated by Fred Wolinsky

Time: 9 hours and 54 minutes – ages 9+ (audiobook reviewed)

Book Published by Unearthly Tales on November 13, 2009

Synopsis from the Publisher-Hal Franklin and his friends have made it safely into Miss Simone’s world. As shapeshifters, some of them are looking forward to meeting their alternate kind. But others dread the prospect.

Dewey, for instance, quickly feels the pressure of being a centaur. Meanwhile Lauren and Hal are quaking in their shoes. The village in the north is under constant attack from harpies and dragons, and these vicious creatures must somehow be reasoned with and persuaded not to plunder and steal and, most importantly, not to eat humans! The trouble is neither harpies nor dragons are interested in negotiating.

Hal and his friends join forces to deal with these serious issues. They end up in the heart of dragon country, down in the Labyrinth of Fire, beneath an oozing volcano. Somehow they must make the dragons see the error of their ways. Their quest forces them to question the extent of their shapeshifting abilities, and this leads to a shocking discovery that is likely to start a war.

What I Thought- I really like this sequel to Island of Fog. It has the same feeling of the first book, with a realistic fantasy. Mr. Robinson has written a good story that brings the characters that we met in book one more into our thoughts – we learn more about their past, and meet new characters as well. There are good tense moments that keep you on the edge of your seat. The book is a fun story with a good plot. Mr. Wolinsky has a pleasant narrating voice that makes the story come to life. You could actually imagine yourself there with all of the characters. At first, Mr. Wolinsky’s voice sounds a little funny when doing female voices, but as the story goes on, it blends seamlessly into the story. The range of characters Wolinsky can pull off is pretty amazing.  I do prefer reading the written word but am finding that with good narration, the audiobooks seem to add a dimension to the characters. I really liked this book, and can’t wait to hear book 3!

I give this audiobook five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. That cover really took my breath away. Thank you for the review.

  2. I wondered how a novel length, fantasy for readers 9+ would come across as an audio-book. These are great for kids who struggle with travel sickness when they try to read in a car. airplane, or ship. My kids loved audio books at any age, especially during those long summer vacation trips. Thanks for listening to this one, Erik, and giving us a super kid viewpoint of ‘Labyrinth of Fire’!

  3. Thanks for recommending, Erik. I’m always on the hunt for good audiobooks for my son to listen to at bedtime. Will put this one on the list.

  4. I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of audiobooks myself (I listened to the second Eragon book on audio and it was… long!) but I can see the appeal for kids on car trips, especially if the reader is really good.

    • They are really good for cars (and yes – I can see Eldest being rather long as an audio… Especially because I read much faster than the normal speaking voice…) 🙂 You don’t really have to read to listen to the story – I met an extremely dyslexic woman who couldn’t read at all (the words wouldn’t cooperate) so she listened to audio books. 🙂

  5. It’s high time I catch up on some blogs I’ve been neglecting as I finished my last manuscript. I love that you’re reviewing audiobooks! I’d rather read the book, personally, but my boys love reading along with audio. This one looks super for them!

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