Review! Amanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy by Paula Berinstein

amandalesterAmanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy

By Paula Berinstein

386 pages – ages 8+

Will be published by The Writing Show on May 22, 2015

Synopsis- Amanda Lester loves directing films. It’s her passion. But since she’s descended from a famous bumbling oaf detective from Sherlock Holmes’ memoirs (Inspector G. Lestrade), her parents expect her to follow his path and become a detective too. So, doing the most reasonable thing for a parent, they send her to a boarding school for descendants of famous detectives, not caring what Amanda thought. But once there, a real murder mystery pops up, and Amanda ends up trying to solve it. Will she be able to solve the mystery before more end up dead?

What I Thought- Amanda is a character you care for. She wants to be a filmmaker, but her parents want her to become a detective like their ancestor, G. Lestrade, from Sherlock Holmes’ chronicles, and even send her to a school for detectives. The story is good, and it’s interesting seeing how Amanda pieces together all of the clues, even though she hates being a detective. That was pretty ironic. I liked how it was a murder mystery, but not too gory (not gory at all, really). It is a nice mystery book with sound characters and thrilling plot twists. (Although I guessed the bad guy right away…but I like reading mysteries and picked up common character types, including those of thieves, allies who sneak around, enemies who sneak around, etc.) It was a fun story and a great read for the intended age level.

I give this book five out of five bookworms.fivebooks

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  1. Sounds interesting. I like the cover.

  2. Sounds exciting. I solved a mystery once. My tennis ball was behind the couch!

    Love and licks,

  3. Another Amanda. I think they would like each other, don’t you?

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