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HELLO blog readers!

I very rarely post about anything other than books, writing, literacy, and libraries.

I also have only ever once posted about raising money for a cause.

I have something I care a lot about that I wanted to put out in the blogosphere. I go to a small rural school in Pennsylvania. We don’t have a lot of money for things like Smartboards, iPads, or masking tape (seriously – our librarian ran out of masking tape one year…) BUT OUR TEACHERS ROCK! They are the best of the best and with them we don’t need a bunch of technology (well maybe we do need the tape, but we did eventually get that).

One of the programs at my school that I really enjoy is our band program. I find music challenging. It makes a different part of my brain fire up when I listen to or try to play it.

“Erik, why are you telling us this?” – you ask (well maybe you didn’t but let’s pretend you did).

The marching band program at our school is in dire need. The school is able to give us some money each year but that has to go towards instruments and repairs. We don’t have a lot of money left over to get uniforms.

The uniforms we have right now are over 20 years old. No offense, but I look like Harold Hill from the Music Man in them – which is an awesome musical and I am not insulting it – but let’s be real:


The uniforms are wool and uncomfortable and pretty much falling apart after being altered, re-altered, and repaired for over 20 years. It is to the point we can’t wear them in parades or at other functions.

My band teacher set up a Go Fund me account to help raise some of the money we need to replace the uniforms.

If you are a believer in the good music programs at schools can do, please think about helping.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE GO FUND ME – you can also see a picture of the new uniforms there 🙂

Thank you and we will return to our regularly scheduled book blog tomorrow. 😉



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  1. My daughter just got new uniforms after 25+ years (we know what your going thru) Our best fundraiser is flag sales. Memorial Day, Flag day, 4th of July & Labor Day the kids put out flags in your front yard for $40 Please feel free to email if you need more info #LetsGoBand #TubaGirlsRock

  2. But Erik, you look so cute in your 20-year-old, hot-wool uniform. I’d hate to help you lose that look. But if you are seriously feeling uncool, and you seem to be, I’ll help your cause. What instrument do you play?

  3. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Erik is always giving support to authors via his great book reviews – time for a little payback?
    BTW – when you go to the GoFundMe site, you’ll see the snazzy new uniform Erik’s Band is aiming for 😀

  4. Reblogged this on Yvette Carol, Children's Writer and commented:
    Hey, guys,

    Will you do me a favour, and share this widely? It’s a great opportunity to support a worthy cause. Erik Weibel, young author and book-reviewer, and general, all-round rising star, deserves for this post to be spread as widely as possible. His rural school seeks donations for new band uniforms.

    I mean, c’mon!

    This is for you and your school band, Erik. I hope you get your new uniforms. I look forward to the photos and the blog post, when you do!

    All the best, Yvette x

  5. Erik, you do look great in your uniform. I’ve shared your plea for help. 👍

  6. You seriously need to keep those old uniforms for the Music Man. You could raise more funds by renting them to theatre groups! I really enjoyed that show – I even had a line to say in it 🙂


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