Perfect Picture Book Friday! The Night Parade by Johnny DePalma

Susanna Leonard Hill has a feature on her blog called Perfect Picture Book Friday. It is a list of “perfect” picture books recommended by all sorts of people. I chose this book because it is a nice rhyming picture book.

nightparThe Night Parade
by Johnny DePalma
Illustrated by Kyle Brown
42 pages – ages 6+
Published by Umbrelly Books on September 14, 2015

Theme/Topic- Dreaming/following your dreams

Genre- Realistic Fiction

Opening and Synopsis- Opening: “There’s a man who travels ’round the world
each and every night.
You’ll hear him marching down the street
just slightly out of sight.”

Synopsis:  “DePalma’s latest rhyming masterpiece, The Night Parade, has the distinct feeling of an instant classic. With stunning illustrations by Kyle Brown that beautifully capture and blend the orchestrated chaos and whimsy of a world where dreams and nightmares run free. This simple, yet elegant tale reminds both the young, and the young at heart, that our dreams are always out there, waiting for us to find them.

What I Thought- This was a nice picture book, and I liked the fantastical sense created by the illustrations. It makes it all seem surreal. I enjoyed Mr. DePalma’s rhyme, and thought it flowed rather well. I enjoyed the message it also (subtly) relayed – about following our dreams. It is a good book for a read-aloud, and would be great for a classroom or a bedtime-story. The illustrations enhance the quiet whimsical story, and kids will like to look at them while reading. I think that the book is unique in its idea, and is executed flawlessly. It is a slightly longer picture book, but that just gives you more time to enjoy the story.

Activities and Resources- There is a good collection of activities HERE at LifeDreams, which is a part of Legacy Project. It encourages/supports following your dreams and other personal development.

To find more Perfect Picture Books please visit Susanna Hill’s blog HERE!

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  1. Love the illustrations! And I, unlike many, and am thrilled it’s a slightly longer picture book. Look forward to reading this wonderful book. Great review, Erik!

  2. Great book and theme. We all need to be reminded sometimes to keep following our dreams.

  3. Love the theme of this book. Looks gorgeous!

  4. This sounds like such an interesting book and one to certainly share for encouraging the act of following one’s dreams.

  5. I like whimsical stories about following your dreams. Beautiful illustrations! Will look forward to reading this book! Great review.

  6. How nice! It seems a number of PPBF choices for today include the importance of following our dreams. I haven’t read this book yet, so I’m adding it to my library list. Thanks for a great review.

  7. While Sendak didn’t write in rhyme, this has such a Sendak feel about it.

  8. Seems interesting! Thanks for featuring it!

  9. Sounds great, Erik and congrats on your thirdplace 👍

  10. I love any book that promotes following your dreams!

  11. The cover looks a bit foreboding…hmmm!

  12. I always love hearing about a new rhyming book! Thanks for sharing.

  13. 42 pages is a long one, maybe long enough that it’s a one book bedtime read. 🙂

  14. Love how you already get the idea that it would be a good bedtime book from the cover illustration. Nice.

  15. I reviewed this awhile back and really enjoyed the purplish night scenes. The illustrations do a great job setting the scene. I agree, DePalma is near flawless on this book. Thoughtful review, Erik. (I still get the point–mwahahahhhahaha!) 😆

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