Review! Jet Black and the Ninja Wind by Leza Lowitz and Shogo Oketani

jetblackJet Black and the Ninja Wind

Co-written by Leza Lowitz and Shogo Oketani

320 pages – ages 12+

Published by Tuttle Publishing on July 26, 2016

Synopsis- Jet Black has always been different. She doesn’t go to parties, she doesn’t wear designer clothes, and she most definitely does not have a normal pastime. You see, Jet Black is training to be a ninja – don’t laugh. You’ll never see your demise coming. Just like she didn’t expect her mother to die. Or how, when she gets to her grandfather’s house in Japan, he ends up dead as well. Now Jet must go and stop the single man who will go to any length that her mother spent her entire life hiding from. And only one will walk away…

What I Thought- Bottom line – I really liked the book.  I wasn’t quite sure I would review it when the publisher sent it to me. I think what threw me off was the cover (I really dislike it – it needs more ninja – to me it looks like a teenage vampire romance – I know, I know don’t judge a book based on it’s cover…). One day I picked it up and started paging through it and what I found was a really good action story with good characters. I found myself wrapped up in it enough to finish the story and I enjoyed it. I like how the book gave insights into another culture (actually two – Japanese and Ninja) while the story was evolving. While the story keeps the reader involved, I thought it could be tightened up a bit especially at the end. Never-the-less, the book is definitely worth picking up. The story about Jet Black and the personal struggles which she faces coming to terms with this responsibility of being a ninja really sold the book for me.

I give this book four out of five bookworms.fourbooks

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  1. Interesting. I initially thought it was a teen romance novel with a ninja background. I would not have picked this off the shelf at a store.

    Why is it everyone dies around this young girl? Sounds to me like this mysterious man is her father. Or her father’s mortal enemy determined to wipe out his legacy.

    • Well, there is some romance, but it isn’t the central plot – just a subplot. The man isn’t her father (he was killed by the man’s father’s hired men), but the evil man knows that Jet’s family holds a secret to a treasure, and wants that.

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