Review! Thornghost by Tone Almhjell


By Tone Almhjell

368 pages – ages 9+

Published by Dial Books on August 16, 2016

Synopsis- Niklas Summerhill has had nightmares for as long as he can remember. His mother died when he was younger, and he vividly remembers her last word – “Thornghost”. He has no idea what it means. But that is pushed out of his mind when livestock are being slashed by a mysterious beast, who ends up being from the depths of Niklas’ imagination. Pair that with a lynx that can speak and a world full of children’s imagination, and you get a fantastic adventure!

What I Thought- This book was both dark and fun at the same time – a weird combo, I know, but it actually works out pretty well. There is a lot of introspection going on, as Niklas thinks about all that he thinks he knew. Almhjell’s writing style is subtle, but marvelous. As the book goes on, Secret, the lynx, is slowly becoming more and more like the upright animals in the dream world. But, instead of saying that,  Almhjell shows us that by never addressing the fact that it was happening – sure, she wrote that it would probably happen, but showed us by having the lynx do more and more things that the upright animals would do. It was really neat. Niklas really grows as a character as well, from the kid who is afraid and tries to hide it by acting brave and pulling pranks, into a thoughtful boy with actual courage. It was a nice touch. This book is more on the serious side, but it is really good.

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Nice looking cover and lettering!

  2. I love the cover too – those hovering vultures look like mountains to start out with. But I also love how you describe the author’s subtleties, and that makes me want to read it. Thanks!

  3. That sounds fantastic, Erik. What a clever author.

  4. It does have a great cover. I like dark and fun! Sounds like a great teen read! Great review, Erik!

  5. Nice name- Thornghost. The story seems to be full of mystery. Visit for kids to explore more stories.

  6. So many of your reviews are from one or two genres, Erik. Have you read any realistic fiction books lately. I just finished reading “Soar” by Joan Bauer. Her books are usually topical and this one includes diverse, smart characters as well as an emphasis on good sportsmanship. If you know readers who love baseball (or other sports, too), this is a great book that is easy to read as well as realistic and timely.

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