Review! Hotel Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins ** Checking in to #HotelBruce!

hotelbruceHotel Bruce

By Ryan T. Higgins

48 pages – ages 5+

Published by Disney-Hyperion on October 18, 2016

Synopsis from Publisher- When Bruce gets home from a southern migration trip with his goslings, he is tired. He is grumpy. And he is definitely not in the mood to share his home with the trio of mice who have turned his den into a hotel.

There’s a possum pillow fight wreaking havoc in one room, a fox luring guests into a stew in the kitchen, and a snuggly crew of critters hogging the bed. Bruce growls and grumbles and tries to throw them all out, but the entrepreneurial mice just can’t take a hint. Bruce is in a little over his head, especially once the goslings join the staff. Will this grumpy bear ever get his quiet, peaceful den back to himself?

What I Thought- Imagine my excitement to see another book about my favorite grump of a bear – BRUCE! This was a sweet sequel to Mother Bruce (see my review HERE).  Higgins’ illustrations have the richness and detail that I loved in the first book. Bruce is a favorite of mine. I love how Higgins draws him with his big uni-brow  that can relate so much emotion. Plus, there is a lot of humor hidden in the illustrations. Kids will love reading all of the things the animals say, and picking up on all of the little details. Higgins’ writing style is funny, and warm.  It makes it so that the book is a perfect read-aloud. Although this story doesn’t create quite the same feelings as MOTHER BRUCE,  HOTEL BRUCE was definitely a great story by itself. The plot is goofy and of course Bruce’s kind heart conquers all in the end. I can’t wait to see what Higgins comes up with next!


I give this book five out of five bookworms!

Now I shall go check in to HOTEL BRUCE!



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  1. We love Bruce, too! So fun to see another book about him.

    Love and licks,

  2. I loved Mother Bruce. Can’t wait to read Hotel Bruce.

  3. I LOVE BRUCE!!!! Seriously, Ryan and Bruce are incredibly funny and talented, and did I say AMAZING?! Great review, Erik!

  4. I gave a copy of Mother Bruce to my granddaughter and she loved it! Must get this one too.

  5. I loved Mother Bruce, and Bruce sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. I just read Mother Bruce and I thought it was so funny! I can’t wait to read this one too!

  7. I’ve seen this book. Now that I’ve read your wonderful review, I definitely want to read it.

  8. I love Mother Bruce. I can imagine Hotel Bruce will be a riot. Lucky you!

  9. Great review, Erik…this looks like such a fun book!


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