My Latest Scholastic News Kids Press Corps Article – The World is Watching: the US Election


Check out my latest Scholastic News Kids Press Corps article over at the Kids Press Corps Notebook blog!

With  the American Presidential election just around the corner, spoke with people outside the US to see how they  are feeling about the election in America this year.

A big thank you to Catherine Johnson, D. Tulloch, from, and Dr. Myra Garces-Bacsal, from for giving me their perspectives on the election.

Click HERE to read the whole article!

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  1. I enjoyed your article. I know many people from other countries are really concerned about our election. Especially Europe and what it may mean for NATO. Very interesting time!

  2. Excellent article, Erik! People can’t be complacent with this election, for sure!

  3. An excellent article! The same things are being said here in Span as well.

  4. Your world travelers are not the only ones worried about these elections. This could become the new norm.

  5. Thanks, Erik. It’s a fun topic!

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