Review! Merlin’s Vow by Rosie Morgan

merlinMerlin’s Vow

Series: The Camelot Inheritance #3 (#1, #2)

By Rosie Morgan

281 pages – ages 12+

Published by Liscarret Creations on July 2, 2016

Synopsis- Arthur Penhaligon probably has the world’s best inheritance – he is the new King Arthur, in modern times, and he and his friends are the Guardians of Cornwall. This would be great, if an evil lady didn’t want to rule Cornwall. And, in this book, winter is coming, and the Lady of Clehy, lady of ice, loves the winter. So much, she gets stronger. So much, that it would take an army to stop her. An army the Guardians don’t have…

What I Thought- This was a really good installment in the Camelot Inheritance series! The characters are refined even more, and you learn more about the “legend” behind it all. I really like how Ms. Morgan has a part-time omnipresent narration style, with characters that aren’t characters – the Writer and her Watchers. They look at the story unfolding, but aren’t supposed to interfere. Of course, the narration also switches between the main characters’ points-of-view as well. This style really makes the story a joy to read. There were a few times the h*** and d*** words were used, and they didn’t really need to be put in there. The descriptions are spot-on, and the word choice really makes it an enjoyable read. I really like this, and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series!

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Erik, I’ve always loved everything “Camelot,” from way back when we did the musical in high school…the whole legend. I have to say, this cover and title are pretty irresistible! šŸ™‚

  2. Characters that are not characters? Hm, the writing style must be unique. I l ove the cover. It stands out and makes me want to open the book.

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