Review! Last Day on Mars by Kevin Emerson

marslastdayLast Day on Mars
Series: Chronicle of the Dark Star
By Kevin Emerson
336 pages – ages 9+
Will be Published by Walden Pond Press on February 14, 2017

Synopsis- What would you feel like if you had to leave your house, your neighborhood, maybe even your country, and move to a new house? What if you didn’t know if you would be able to find that house, after you’ve moved out and can’t go back? What if you had to move to a new solar system? That’s what’s going on here – it’s the year 2213, and our sun is about to go supernova (aka, explode and burn the entire solar system). Earth is already fried; we’ve set up temporary colonies on Mars, but we know they won’t last – we’re trying to get to another solar system to a possibly hospitable planet. For the scientists and other inhabitants of was-Earth, that’s all fine – they’re finding a new-Earth. But for Liam and his friend Phoebe, all they’ve known was Mars – it’s their home. They were understandably upset about leaving, even though they understand why. As the last of the research to be taken on the last ship to the new planet is still being worked on during their last day, it’s awful when the research plant blows up. Phoebe and Liam are devastated, and even more so when they start to realize that maybe the research plant was sabotaged. But who would do such a thing?

What I Thought- This is a really neat premise. I like how it portrayed the future, with advancements, but still realistic ones (they had progressed in basic areas, but were still unable to figure out how to really get out of the solar system on a normal basis). It was also really cool to hear the “history” of how humans got to the point they had got to. The story is really good, and it takes place in the time period of roughly a day and a half or so, with the exception of the pro- and epilogues. Emerson captures the pain that Liam and Phoebe would feel as they are the last humans on their home. The setting is really rather well-described, and makes it feel like it could be truly what it is like.  Emerson’s narrative is a bonus, as it is quite matter-of-fact in an almost humorous way. The characters are realistic, and you really root for them as they try to succeed and obstacles keep popping up. Emerson ends the story with a tantalizing cliffhanger but leaves the reader satisfied with the book’s plot line. There are alien characters (they’re part of the problem!) in the book, but they are mostly only present in the pro- and epilogue, so I hope they will be expanded on in the next book. With America’s planned mission to Mars in full swing, this book is bound to catch some kids’ interest. Sci-fi fans will also seriously enjoy this!

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Hi, I’m Krystina from KMReadsBlog and I wanted to stop by and say hi after seeing your blog on the search page. I have this book on my list to read so I’m glad to see its a worthy one! I’m going to follow you and if you like feel free to follow me. I’m a super new blogger so any advice would be great too. Thanks!

    • Thank you very much, Mrs. Morrison! I appreciate you stopping by! 😀
      I was looking at your blog, and I just want to say – Welcome to the blogosphere! 🙂

      Probably my best piece of advice, and it looks like you are already doing this, but here it is: Be a pleasant person – be social, replying to comments on your blog, and finding blogs that have similar content to yours, and commenting there. Think of it as being the friendly neighbor. 🙂

      Just a small little thing as well; on your blog, if you plan on accepting author copies, say so. Preferably in your Contact section, say something that encourages authors to send review copies, and maybe in your About section say what you like to see in books (genres, length (ie., picture books, novels, epics, etc.), format (prose, novel-in-verse, etc.), etc.). Of course, if you like to read anything, say that too! 🙂

      It looks as if you are off to a great start! I hope I was able to help! 😀

  2. As I’ve just said somewhere else, I’m trying not to add 365 books to my to-read list this year, but this is the 31st this year, so I’m getting worried. Sounds brilliant.

  3. This looks like a very interesting read. Wonderful review, Erik!

  4. I haven’t read a good sci-fi in a month or two, so I’ll add this to my TBR…which is full of so many promising books right now. A good problem to have!

  5. I have always found space and space travel interesting, so this is a book I would like to read. Great review!


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