Review! The Summer of Bad Ideas by Kiera Stewart

The Summer of Bad Ideas
By Kiera Stewart
304 pages – ages 9+
Published by HarperCollins on May 2, 2017

Synopsis from Publisher- “In this funny, big-hearted friendship story, perfect for fans of Wendy Mass and Linda Urban, twelve-year-old Edie and her impossibly cool cousin, Rae, set out to complete a mysterious list of “Good Ideas for Summertime” that their eccentric late grandmother wrote back when she was their age.

But good ideas? Most of them seem like bad ideas. Reckless. Foolish. Ridiculous. Still, by accomplishing everything on the list, rule-abiding Edie feels certain that she can become the effortlessly brave adventurer she dreams of being, just like her daring cousin and bold grandmother. For this one summer at least, bad ideas are the best shot she has at becoming who she wants to be.

Bad Idea Number One: It’s time for a new set of rules.

What I Thought- I think this was a neat realistic fiction story. There are so many believable details, it was fun to read about the characters and town life. I like the development of Edie as she becomes a little more adventurous, like her grandmother, as the story goes on. The story was well-written and speaks to a young middle grade audience well. At times I found the story a bit inspiring in the way Edie seeks to become a bit more outgoing. The plot is simple, predictable at times, yet satisfying. This book is a nice bridge for kids going from smaller novels to larger reads. The story flows well and gives the reader enough to remain engaged from start to finish. The characters are realistic, and I could see a lot of them acting like some of my friends. Overall, it was a fun book.

I give this book four out of five bookworms.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a realistic fiction book today, Erik! Usually I see only fantasy books on your sight and a few mysteries!

    • Thank you Ms. Schmelz! Yes, I do like fantasy and mystery, but I also like realistic and historic fiction too. Actually, I just read Water for Elephants (for pleasure, no foreseeable review in the future) and I loved it. 😀

  2. Sounds like a fun summer read.

  3. This book sounds very fun. I have definitely had my share of bad ideas in my life. Once I stood in the doorway till the door closed on my tail. Yup. That didn’t end well. #mytailisshorternow

    Love and licks,

  4. This book sounds really good!

  5. Glad to hear your thoughts on this one. I have seen it around and have been wondering about it. Sounds like a good book. 🙂

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