A Great Series for Young Mystery Lovers!

Looking for a last minute gift for a young person in your life?!?

What about the gift of READING?

What could be better –  well maybe books and a batch of chocolate chip cookies…

 I just read the latest book in the Cedar Creek Mystery series by Anne McGee and it was just as good as the first two, making this a series that should be on your radar.

The Mystery Beneath Midville Museum (Cedar Creek Mystery Book 3) Kindle Edition
by Anne Loader McGee

Series: Cedar Creek Mystery (Book 3)

Publisher: Vendera Publishing (August 29, 2016)

156 pages – ages 9+

Publishers Synopsis:

The day of the field trip to the Midville Museum for Cedar Creek’s 8th grade class should have been ordinary, but some force in the Egyptian exhibit, determined to get paranormal detective Mallory Gilmartin’s attention, violently shakes the ground floor where their class tries to leave. Later that night, still unnerved by her experience in the museum, Mallory awakens to find the walls of her bedroom pulsating with a bright red light. A scarab has followed her home from the exhibit. It needs her help to right an ancient wrong.

If our intrepid sleuth is to unravel the mystery of what happened in the distant past and free the spirits trapped in the “World Between Worlds” she must find the answers before the exhibit is packed up and returned to Cairo. Between a moving statue, a restless mummy, and a talking scarab, a dangerous arcane priest skilled in dark magic has suddenly made his appearance, determined to stop Mallory from solving this strange mystery.

What I thought: McGee has a great way of connecting with her audience. Her characters, dialogue and settings ring true and help entice the reader to get lost in the story. Mallory is a wonderful main character. While she is reminiscent of the classic Nancy Drew, Mallory is most definitely her own character: a great modern-day sleuth. Mystery Beneath Midville Museum has a fun Egyptian twist to add more flavor to the suspenseful story.  McGee pulls the reader into the mystery, revealing just enough to keep the reader guessing what will happen.  The writing is top notch and the reader is left to a satisfying end. Highly recommend this series – look for the other books:

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  1. I love the sound of this series! I think Amanda and Mallory would get along quite well. Have a great Christmas!!

  2. I value your opinion, Erik. How many books do you give these series titles?

    • I consider a series a series when there are 4+ books, or where there is still books planned on coming out (for example, if this was the last book, I would call it a trilogy, but there seems as if there is another book coming, so it’s a series). I hope that wasn’t too confusing. 🙂

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