Review! The Amulet: Journey to Sirok by E.G. Kardos

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amultetThe Amulet: Journey to Sirok
By E.G. Kardos
268 pages – ages 9+
Published by Klatch Books on July 13, 2017

Synopsis from Publisher- WHEN TWIN SWORDS COLLIDE, an incredible power is unleashed and a new world opens. Defeating the three-headed dragon is the only way for Elias to seize his treasure. THE AMULET- Journey to Sirok is a magical adventure as Elias searches to find a sorcerer named Zoltan to reveal clues to his search.

What I Thought- Elias is a 15-year-old boy living in Hungary who loves to paint. However, he comes from a family of wheat farmers, and while Elias can work the farm, he does not enjoy it as much as his father and brothers. This causes conflict in the family, Elias decides to leave and find who he truly is. Elias must travel to Budapest on a quest full of dangers in order to answer his questions.

The plot of this book was engaging, with a story that keeps you reading. The book is full of creative and enthralling symbolism that was enjoyable to think about.  There are some nice tidbits of wisdom scattered throughout the book as well. The story-line was, at times, a bit predictable, but Kardos’ skillful story-telling made it a refreshing read. I found some of the supporting characters a bit flat but the main character was well-developed and one the reader can connect with. The story was engaging and I found myself getting lost in it. Kardos spins a thoughtful coming of age story that teeters on greatness. I think a round with an editor would tip the book over that edge. I did enjoy the book. I would read the second book, as I did fall in love with the story.

I give this book four out of five bookworms.fourbooks

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  1. Sounds interesting, Erik.There are so many layers to developing a great story. And you are right…sometimes all it takes are a few more tweaks for it to really come to life.

  2. Erik, as Zoltan would say, “You honor me.” I am humbled by your kind and generous words. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about my story with others.

    E.G. Kardos


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