Blog Tour and Give Away!! Granted by John David Anderson

By John David Anderson
336 pages – ages 9+
Published by Walden Pond Press on February 12, 2018

Synopsis from Publisher-Everyone who wishes upon a star, or a candle, or a penny thrown into a fountain knows that you’re not allowed to tell anyone what you’ve wished for.  But even so, rest assured: There is someone out there who hears it.

Ophelia Delphinium Fidgets is no ordinary fairy – she is a Granter: one of the select few whose job it is to venture beyond the boundaries of the Haven and grant the wishes of unsuspecting humans every day.  It’s the work of the Granters that generate the magic that allows the fairies to do what they do and to keep the Haven hidden and safe.  But with worldwide magic levels at an all-time low, this is not as easy as it sounds.  On a typical day, only a small fraction of the millions of potential wishes get granted.  And even granting those promised few means navigating a human world fraught with danger.

Today, however, is anything but typical.  Because today, Ophelia is going out on her first assignment.  And she’s about to discover that getting what you truly want takes much more than a handful of fairy dust.

What I Thought- With every book he writes, John David Anderson climbs my list of favorite authors. He is able to write in a variety of genres, pushing for the maximum emotion in each scene. It is truly remarkable, as Anderson does not pigeon-hole himself, and only shows his creativity at full power. That being said, this book was not something I would normally read, but I also enjoyed it. The story is about change, and doing what is for the best and how maybe that isn’t what you are told. The book is written very well, and I enjoyed reading how he set up the characters so that when events happened, we understood why they did what they did, and it seemed like the most natural thing for them to do. None of the characters particularly stood out to me, even Ophelia Delphinium Fidgets, but I think it was because I enjoyed each one of them. Anderson’s great story telling combined with rock solid writing, makes the book smooth and gives it a natural feel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Anderson’s take on fairy lore and their culture – the amount of detail behind everything was absolutely amazing. I would wholeheartedly recommend “Granted” for middle-grade readers who want a story of cleverness, bravery, and strength in adversity as well as a highly character-driven tale.

I give this book five out of five bookworms!

About John David Anderson:

John David Anderson is the author of Ms. Bixby’s Last Day, Posted, Sidekicked, Minion, and The Dungeoneers. A dedicated root beer connoisseur and chocolate fiend, he lives with his wife, two kids, and perpetually whiny cat in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can visit him online at

Now for the Give Away!

Comment below for a chance to win a copy of GRANTED generously supplied by Walden Pond Press. Contest runs trough Friday March 23rd when a winner will be chosen at random from all the entries (US entrants only please). Good Luck!
*I was provided with a free book for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions herein are my own and not influenced by the publisher, promotion company or affiliates in anyway

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  1. I want this book. I like fairies. 🙂

  2. I love John David Anderson! Hi Sidekicked and Posted books are great! I would love to win this!

  3. Pick me! Pick Me!

  4. I know some kids who would love this book!

  5. “Mrs. Bixby’s Last Day” was an amazing novel. I will read, review, and share the book if I win! Thanks for the offer, Erik!

  6. This looks like just the book my son needs right now. Thanks for the great suggestion! I will check it out!

  7. I know someone who would just love this book! If I don´t win it, I´ll have to buy it for her.

  8. I had heard of this book and now I’m definitely adding it to my list of books to read. Thanks for sharing your review and for the opportunity to win this fun book!

  9. Ophelia’s work as a Granter sounds challenging! Best of luck to her!

  10. I would love to win this book and read it to my son. By the way, its cover looks super cute 🙂
    Thank You!

  11. I would love a copy to share with my students!

  12. I need this book in mySaltar’s Point Elementary School library !

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