#Maythe4thBeWithYou – Review! Star Wars Workbook Series from @WorkmanPub Giveaway!!

On this MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU DAY  – I have a great series to tell you about and a terrific giveaway! Details at the end of the post.

Summary from Publisher:

The Force is strong with this line of workbooks that marries the iconic popularity of Star Wars with the unique mix of editorial quality, fun presentation, and rigorous educational standards of the Brain Quest Workbooks.

Covering Pre-K through 4th grade, these interactive workbooks dig deep into core subjects, including numbers, ABCs, phonics, and reading readiness for younger grades, and math, reading, and writing for the older ones. The material aligns with national Common Core State Standards and is designed to reinforce essential concepts and lessons taught in schools.

Featuring favorite characters like Rey and Finn from The Force Awakens as well as Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and other creatures, monsters, Jedi, and Sith, the workbooks are filled with thousands of original illustrations drawing from Star Wars movies and the expanded Star Wars universe.

What I Thought: I was sent the 3rd and 4th grade reading and math workbooks for review. The series actually spans preK-4th grade. (check out Workman’s website for the complete listing). I would have loved these workbooks when I was younger (who am I kidding, I love them now)! My parents always got me and my sister workbooks for the grade we were going into to work on over the summer – just to get a preview of what we were going to be doing. These are AWESOME for that! Plus they’d be great for homeschooling or to help reinforce what is being taught during the school year. I think teachers would want to incorporate some of the worksheets in their lesson plans to jazz it up a bit. Who wouldn’t want to find the area of the Millennium Falcon as opposed to a plain old hexagon of the perimeter of a Tie Fighter wing instead of a triangle?!? The spreads are colorful and engaging.

Instructions are clear and the text is grade appropriate.  Answers are in the back of the book so you can check yourself. English lessons have never been so fun! The books are designed to follow common core and Workman has additional resources at their website.

I wish they made these for high-school aged kids! I highly recommend this series.

Five of five bookworms!


Now on to the giveaway!

Comment who is your favorite Star Wars character for a chance to win all four of these workbooks! The contest is open to US and Canada residents. I will pick a winner and announce next Friday (May 11th, 2018). Good luck!

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  1. My favorite character is Yoda😊

  2. These books are a perfect way to learn. My favourite Star Wars character is Princess Leia. But you probably figured that!!

  3. Han! And in 1977 he shot first.

  4. These look very cool. A brilliant idea to engage kids.

  5. My favorite Star Wars character is Han Solo. May the 4th be with you, too, Erik!

  6. my favorite character is yoda.

  7. Our family loves to talk about Jabba the Hut?

  8. These books are fantastic! We like R2D2 in our family.


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