Perfect Picture Book Friday! This Story Is For You by Greg Pizzoli

This Story Is For You
by Greg Pizzoli
48 pages – ages 5+
Published by Disney-Hyperion on April 3, 2018

Theme- Individuality, Friendship

Genre- Realistic Fiction

Opening and Synopsis- Opening Lines:

“This story is for you. You and only you.

Synopsis from Publisher: “A simple “It’s nice to know you” holds so much power in this tender picturebook by acclaimed author-illustrator Greg Pizzoli. Finding value in others as a matter of course, the narrator accepts and appreciates difference as the foundation of a life-long friendship. This Story Is for You celebrates moments of kindness throughout, from the small to the grand in a heartwarming tale of human connection.“

What I Thought- This was such a sweet picture book, with soft illustrations and simple text that creates an endearing story.

The story speaks to the reader. The narrator in the story (a little boy) hasn’t met the reader yet, but he knows he will like you because of how unique you are. I like how the illustrations blur the lines of reality, sometimes showing the child’s imagination and sometimes showing what is really going on.   I think I am really drawn to this story because, to me, it is reminiscent of Mr. Rodger’s signing to us about how he likes us just the way we are and I always knew if I ever met Mr. Rodgers, he’d like me. 🙂  Pizzoli’s creative genius is at work in crafting this uplifting book.  I think families, friends, and classrooms would really enjoy reading this book together.

Activities and Resources- There are some great friendship activities from Healthline, found HERE.

Education World has a great activity – Everybody Is Unique: A Lesson in Respect for Others. Click HERE for it.

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  1. Beautiful book and review. Love it Erik.

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