Video Vednesday! Egyptomania by Carole Saturno and Emma Giuliani



by Carole Saturno

Illustrated by Emma Guliani

16 pages – ages 6+
Published by Laurence King Publishing on October 3, 2017


Publisher’s Synopsis:

Find out all about Ancient Egypt in this beautifully illustrated and innovative Lift The Flap book. 

Learn what Ancient Egyptians wore, what’s inside a pyramid, how a mummy is made and much much more by lifting the flaps and discovering the secrets hiding underneath!

What I Thought: This is an impressive book! Not just the size (15″x11″) , but also the content. Saturno does a great job summarizing a ton of information on a wide range of topics relating to Ancient Egypt in a clear and concise way. The cover is just stunning. I love the style Guliani uses. When you open the book, you see the variety of topics like the Nile, Pharaohs, ways of life in ancient Egypt, temples, gods, and much more.

The art work is phenomenal and really lends itself to the story because they are reminiscent of hieroglyphics. They have simple lines and bold colors. THey really tell a story by themselves. What makes it even better are all the flaps and pop-ups throughout the book. It’s a flap book but for older kids. The information is organized nicely because when you open a flap it is a natural continuation of what was on the outside.

Check out the canopic jars with the organs in them – my inner nerd is loving that!

The end pages are packed with more information and resources in case you want to learn even more. Saturno’s writing is age appropriate and kids won;t get bogged down with the text. She keeps it flowing and interesting. Overall this is an awesome book.

Five out of five book worms for Egyptomania!

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  1. It’s official. You’re NUTS, E! Way to go, Josie. You’ve got yourself a great gig. Cha-Ching! I am 4 paws up for Video Vednesday.

    Love and licks,

  2. Okay, gotta say Video Vednesday is veddy good! Egypt has always fascinated me and I love the layout and design of this book. So much interesting info, and those flaps are fabulous. My favorite is the Embalming page. Those organs in jars are the best. Fab review, and love Cleopatra too.

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