Perfect Picture Book Friday! Hush Up and Hibernate! by Sandra Markle

Hush Up and Hibernate!

by Sandra Markle

Illustrated by Howard McWilliam

36 pages – ages 4+

Series: Hush Up (Book 1)

Published by Persnickety Press on August 27, 2018

Theme/Topic: Bears/Hibernation/Going to Bed

Opening: “Mama Bear lifts her head and looks at the red leaves dancing in the wind. ‘I see winter coming,’ she tells her cub. ‘It’s time to hibernate.’ ”

Publisher’s Synopsis: Leaves are falling, a cold wind is blowing, geese are heading south. Clearly, winter is coming. It’s time for black bears to do what they always do this time of year―hibernate. Kids will get a kick out of this romp of a tale about a black bear cub that finds every excuse imaginable to avoid the inevitable go-to-bed moment. Will Mama Bear finally win? Or will Baby Bear come up with the ultimate reason to skip going to sleep?

Why I liked this Book: This is a twist on the classic kid wont go to bed book. I have to admit, I first picked the book up because of the cover illustration. I mean, just look at baby bear’s face as his mom is talking to him about how he has to go to sleep –

It made me laugh just looking at it. All of McWilliam’s interior illustrations are equally as enjoyable.

Markle spins a story of a tired mom trying to get her little one to go to sleep. Baby finds every excuse not to – I have to say goodbye to the fish – I’m hungry – I’m thirsty – the bed is not comfortable. Parents and kids will both enjoy this book and I think it is a wonderful read aloud. What really put this one over the top for me are the end pages. There is information on animals that hibernate and also facts about bear dens. Markle also included suggested reading and websites on bears and hibernation.

Resources and Activities:  The book has built in resources in the back of the book!

How about making your own blanket-fort bear den for nap time? Hmm – I actually think I may try that today! has a list of great preschool hibernation activities click HERE to go THERE!

For a listing of perfect picture books check out Susana Leonard Hill’s blog !


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  1. I wish I had this right now as my students will talk about hibernation next week. Looks super cute. Thanks, Eric!

    • Thank you! It really is a great book – I’m sorry you can’t have it now, but maybe you can read it to them at a later time! 🙂

  2. Adorable!! Love the illustrations and the idea.

  3. Adorable! I love the illustrations and the idea.

  4. Right?! I have been seeing that cover all over the interwebs, and it screams, ‘read me!’

  5. I would love to build a blanket fort today – expecting snow!

  6. What a great winter read for kids and parents. The illustrations are so expressive and funny.

  7. Erik, I wanted to read this book when I first saw it announced in PW. NOW, I want to read it even more. Thank you for featuring such a fun review. Blanket forts are the best!

  8. I want to know the twist! (I know, I don’t want to ruin a book by giving away spoilers either 🙂 ) I will hunt this one down.

  9. This book looks great! I’ll be looking for it. Thanks for the review!

  10. That baby bear is crazy! I LOVE bedtime!

    Love and licks,

  11. Love the title! And the art! and premise! Fun!

  12. This is such a fun book to read – and read aloud. thanks for sharing it.

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