Creative Kid Thursday! Review: What’s the Difference by Emma Strack

Welcome to another edition of Creative Kid Thursday!

Today, I have everyone’s favorite guest reviewer – my sister Josie!

Josie is reviewing a book that really caught her eye.

What’s the Difference?: 40+ Pairs of the Seemingly Similar
by Emma Strack

Illustrated by Guillaume Plantevin

124 pages – ages 4+
Published by Chronicle Books on July 10, 2018

Publisher’s synopsis: What distinguishes a mandarin orange from a clementine, an iris from a pupil, a tornado from a cyclone, and a bee from a wasp? The difference is in the details! This content-rich illustrated extravaganza distills the distinctions between an impressive collection of pairs—from animals to food to geography and more—offering enlightening trivia, amusing tidbits, and unforgettable facts in a highly browsable format. Young readers can dip in quickly to feed their curiosity, or delve into the details and stay awhile. With a bold, graphic art style and an accessible, smart text, this miscellany collection will enrich probing minds (or is it “brains”?!).

What Josie Thought: I really liked this book. It is a non-fiction book and I learned from it. There are different sections like animals, cities, and food. I really liked the animal section. I didn’t know there was a difference between owls and horned owls and did you know the differences between crocodiles and alligators (other than one sees you in a while and the other sees you later ha ha ha) I like that there isn’t a ton of words on the pages and the author gets right to the point of what is different about the two things.

I really like the artwork and the colors the illustrator used in the images. It made you want to look closer at the pictures.

There was a handy index in the back and a table of contents in the front so you could easily look up things. I think a lot of kids will like this book and it would be a cool read aloud for parents and younger kids.


*note from Erik: Publisher rates this as 4+ – I would rate it more 6+ but as a read loud – it would be great for younger kids.

Josie gives this book five of five bookworms! 

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  1. This book looks interesting and educational. Perhaps adults would learn a few things too. A great review Josie!

  2. This looks like something I want for myself 🙂 Thank you for the share!!

  3. My book (that doesn’t come out until 2021!) incorporates quite seemingly similar pairs! Looking forward to reading this one!

  4. This looks very interesting. I’m sure I’d learn a lot! Good pick, Josie!

  5. Excellent review Josie. I love fact books too and learned some things I didn’t know from your review. The design is pleasing!

  6. I think I love this book, J. You did a good job. These are things I always wonder about. I also wonder why I can’t reach the garbage pail and when I will grow tall enough to get in there. There’s pizza. And chicken bones!

    Love and licks,

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