Review! Mike by Andrew Norriss

By Andrew Norriss
240 pages – ages 12+
Published by David Fickling Books on February 26, 2019

Synopsis from Publisher- “MEET FLOYD. He’s a tennis star. Possibly good enough to win Wimbledon one day. MEET MIKE. He’s… different. Apart from anything else, Floyd seems to be the only one who can see him. But Mike must have appeared for a reason. And finding out why is perhaps the most important thing Floyd will ever do…”

What I Thought- This was a really fascinating book – it’s told in a weird manner, spanning several years of Floyd’s life, but in a way that makes complete logical sense. As the story progresses, we see Floyd changing to accept who he really is – he stops trying to deny his nature. He learns that he must stay true to himself and not fold to the wishes of others. We can really learn a lot by reading about Floyd’s character arc. I was utterly captivated when reading the book – I read it in an hour and a half – it was so enticing! The book is hyper-realistic, The one “issue” I have in the book is simply that, with Floyd’s symptoms being what they are, there is no mention of schizophrenia – which seemed a little unrealistic seeing as the symptoms screamed schizophrenia, which is a relatively common mental disorder. I understand it wasn’t the actual problem, but the word isn’t even mentioned once. I think this is a great book for people trying to find their place in their world.

I give this book five out of five bookworms.

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting story. I like that the author managed to convey Floyd’s mental state without every actually mentioning it. Thanks for reviewing it.

  2. Sounds fascinating. Kids will relate.

  3. Glad you mentioned schizophrenia in you review, so we had a better idea of why Floyd had to find his way. Excellent review. I’d like this one!

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