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You can email me review requests at .

I review picture and middle grade books. I do review some YA books, but I have to let my parents look at the content of them first before accepting a book. Books sent to me should only have minor bad language, no graphic violence or anything else a twelve-year-old shouldn’t be reading. It takes about 8-9 weeks from the time I get a book to review to when the review is posted (may go quicker in the summer when I don’t have school).

When sending me a book review request, please let me know a little about yourself and a description of your book. Authors can also send me “real” books and I will send my address when I respond to the review request. Although I like “real” books more, I have a kindle to review ebooks (MOBI files please, PDFs don’t work well). I usually let authors decide which one they want to send. I cannot accept every book I am sent because of a full “to be reviewed” list. I do reply to every email I get so if you don’t get a response, I didn’t get your email.

I post reviews on my blog, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Biblionasium and GoodReads.  I rate books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and GoodReads using their star system and I use my bookworm rating for my blog (see MY RATING SYSTEM). **Please do not send Amazon gift cards in a money value to purchase the book for review. Send the actual book, file or gift a book from Amazon. Amazon considers a gift card (even if it is used to buy the book for review) as payment for a review and won’t let me post a review for a book like that. Plus, I never accept any money for the reviews I do.

I appreciate every book review request I get and I really wish I could read every one, but I am only one kid! I do often refer books I can’t review to other kid book reviewers.



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  1. Very cool blog you have here. I have a middle grade science fiction title coming out on February 11th. I’ll certainly contact you when I can send you a copy! 🙂

  2. You commented on my book The World of the Polka Dot Bear on the KidLit site. I love your blog and would be honored if you would do a full review of my story.

  3. You have a very impressive blog. I just launched a book and have emailed you a request for a review. I’d be honored if you selected my book.

  4. Love your blog! Looking forward to when you will be accepting book review requests again. My fantasy-adventure book (the first of a trilogy) was recently published and the second in the series will be out in 2014.

  5. Erik,

    I noticed you read my book and it appears that you enjoyed it, My daughter Sarah, the inspiration for the Silya character, is your age, I also noticed you are a reader of the Percy Jackson series. A review of The Bifrost Bridge by a boy your age would be wonderful for reader to enjoy, I hope you will consider it.

    Best regards,
    James Bradley Clarke

    • Hi Mr. Clarke! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I added you book to my “to be read” shelf on Goodreads. I also entered into the drawing to win a copy off of Mother Daughter Book Reviews. So I haven’t read it yet, but I’m planning to. 🙂

  6. Hi Erik! Your blog is wonderful! I see you aren’t taking any review requests now, so I’ll check back from time to time to see if that changes, as it would be an honor to have a review from you. Mother Daughter Book Reviews just reviewed my second book, Return to Canterbury (sequel to The Christmas Village). In the meantime, I’ll be following along here at your blog – it’s very impressive!

  7. 🙂 Thanks for your reply – Happy Reading!

  8. I would like you to review a book for me. I wrote it myself and if you would review it for me I would be really happy. Thanks Erik.

  9. Hello Dear Friend,

    My name is Ahmad from the Middle East. I would be so glad if you could read and review Big Fish.

    A part of Matthew G. Sherwin’s review on Amazon: “Big Fish is an excellent children’s story, a type of folktale written by Ahmad Amani—and he did the drawings for the book as well! Ahmad is a most talented man; I myself (even as an adult) was captivated by the short story and I liked his drawings which at first seem rather simplistic but take on a certain charm that I really came to appreciate.”

    Big Fish now is free on Amazon:

  10. Hi Erik,
    I checked out your blog yesterday! I was really fascinated by you and you inspired me a lot more than I was! I am currently working on a book, and I’ll let you know when I finish it. I am also writing comics, and a few are finished. I hand-draw them, and I read a lot, too. I am 10 yrs. old, and I would highly recommend the Warrior cat series.

  11. Hi Erik, I did a comment before this one, but it is awaiting moderation. One it does that, you will know what I really said, but for now I’ll have to break it up into chunks. But right now, I’ll tell you i’m 10 yrs. old. (Chuck 1)

  12. Wow! That is an impressive blog for a young man. Impressed. I have published several e-books on Amazon. Under “Christopher Craft” if you like adventures with Knights,Zombies,Dragons and the like, then you will love these tales I used to tell my kids at Knight! <–yeah I meant to do that 🙂

  13. Erik,

    Very impressive blog, especially considering that (unfortunately) boys have a bad rep for not being into books! I wrote a book that has shown to be a great introduction to how “Awesome” reading can really be. I’d very much like for you to take a look at it – it’s titled “The Awesome Adventures of Pickle Boy” and is available on Amazon. I can gift you a Kindle version, should I send it to your email address?
    The link to the book’s Amazon page is here:

    Best regards,

    Jack B

  14. How do I do this without an email address? If this publishes, just replay right underneath my comment.

  15. read hatchet by gary paulson

  16. Hi Erik,
    Love your blog! Are you taking any review requests now for fiction books, or just non-fiction?
    -Melody Bremen

  17. Hi Eric,
    Found your blog through “The Story Reading Ape”
    I am an author of children’s books. I have published five books up to now. Writing at the 6. It’s a series. It’s about a rejected and challenged girl. and what she is doing for not staying negative. With love and determination she befriends the mighty condor.
    I hope it is okay, that i do write to you through your email, but here is the amazon. link to my books. thank you for listening and i hope you will like them and so will write me review. thank you in advance

  18. the book wonder

  19. Hi Erik,

    I have just signed a publishing contract for my Upper MG Humorous Fantasy which is due to be released next fall. I’ll definitely look you up prior to the release date. How much notice would you need to get the .mobi to you and(or) any of your friends. The more reviews the better. First chapter is on my website now to give you an idea of the style of the book.

  20. My ten-year old would like to make a book recommendation. The following message is from her. She’d like your opinion on the book. She says…

    “What we found in the Sofa and How it Saved the World”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the best book ever, I mean, Its about a zucchini crayon that is super rare and found in a sofa. ITS DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!


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