How and why did you start your blog?

 You can read about the story behind my blog at the “About “This Kid” – Erik” page. You can go there by clicking HERE.

Are you really only nine ten  eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen or are you an alien?

Yes, I am nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen years old. People ask me that a lot, even when people meet me in person (I look older than I am).

How many books do you read a week?

I usually read 3-4 middle grade books a week and then a bunch of picture books.I read all the time (literally). I get into trouble for reading in school and at home so much 🙁

What is your favorite book?

I am a huge fan of Rick Riordan’s, Roland Smith’s and Jude Watson’s books. If I had to choose one as my most favorite, I’d say “Redwall” by Brian Jacques.

I have a book I want you to review. How do I send a review request to you?

See my Book Review Request page. There is information there 🙂 You can visit it HERE.

What else do you do besides reviewing books?

I love to build with LEGOs and I am on a First LEGO League (FLL) robotics team. I like to write stories and books too. I enjoy going fishing and camping with my family. I train Taekwon-Do, Okinawan Karate and Jujitsu. I have my junior black-belt in TKD and black belts in Okinawan Karate and Jujitsu. I also like to ride my bicycle around and go fishing.

Do your parents help you with your blog?

Yes. They help me with making my blog run well. They make sure that everything that is sent to me or posted on my blog is safe for kids. They help by deleting emails I don’t need, help me find pictures and links I need on my blog in a safe way (my parents are big on internet safety), and they also are my proof-readers, but I write everything. They help me have more time to write for, comment on and read my and other blogs.

What is “Creative Kids”?

Creative Kids” is something I started on my blog because some kid writers were sending me stories and art work and asking me to tell them what I thought about it. I thought that the work these other kids were doing was AWESOME! So I made a category on my blog to post other kids works. I think a lot of people really like seeing how many really creative kids there are out there! Click HERE to see all of the Creative Kids entries!

How do I send something in to “Creative Kids”?

If you have or are a creative kid, email me your creative art, music, videos, stories or guest book reviews. You can email me at Erik@thiskidreviewsbooks.com .

When did you start to read?

I started reading when I was three. I learned to read by looking at books on my own and having my parents read to me.

Did your parents try to teach you to read early on?

No, they didn’t “try.” They just made sure I had books that I liked. I had my first comic book subscription at 4 years old. My parents always made sure (and still do) that I had a lot of books to pick from. They also read to me a lot. 

Do you have a favorite type of book?

I really like historical fiction and some non-fiction if it is written right. My favorite genre is fantasy / adventure. 

What are your favorite book-related sites that you like to visit?

I have all my favorite book related sites on my right side bar under “Places I like to Visit”.

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  1. Keep up the great work Erik! It’s such a shame to get into trouble for reading! 🙂

  2. Hi Erik! I love your blog and love reading so much, too. 🙂 I can’t email you, unfortunately, but please click the link in this comment to see some stories I wrote :).


  3. Hi, 11-year-old Erik! I think it’s time to edit this post. 🙂 Now that you are nearing high school age, how long do you think you’ll be reviewing books? (I hope you never stop). Just stopped by to see what had changed.

    • Hi Ms. Morris! 😀 Wait. Why did you add “11-year-old” in front of my name? ❓ Of course I’m 11-year-old Erik! 🙂 What other Erik is there? 😉 I am also confused by you saying that I almost in high school. I know I’m big for my age, but I’m not even in middle school yet! (well, for my school, grade 6 is in the elementary school). 🙂 I will think about editing my page. 😀

  4. Love your blog! I used to get in trouble all the time when I was younger because I would read in bed under the covers with a flashlight until 2am and then have the hardest time getting up for school the next day. My parents, though happy I was reading, were not particularly pleased that I preferred reading to sleeping. I just finished a middle-grade book about the crazy true-life adventures of a praying mantis I raised while living in South Africa. It’s told from his perspective of what life is like being raised by humans. I would love to send you a copy. The book isn’t officially published until June, but I can certainly get you an ebook in the meantime. Let me know where to send it and I will make sure I get it to you asap.


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